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September 17th
German Germany, USA Press photo
Associated Press
Berlin, Tokyo, Germany, Japon, Marga von Etzdorf
German aviatrix completes Berlin-Tokyo solo flight
Miss Marga von Etzdorf, 22 years old, (left) being welcomed on arrival at the new Haneda Aerodrom on the outskirts of Tokyo by her cousin, Dr. Hasse von Etzdorf, an attache of the German Embassy, who was one of a large delegation of Germans from various parts of Japan on hand to greet her after completing 5.500 mile flight from Berlin.
Miss von Etzdorf was the first woman to make the flight alone. It took her eleven days and three hours.
German Germany, USA German woman's magazine 'Für Dich' United Staates of America
Unidentified US autogiro, picture inscription: a new California built typ of aircraft
German Germany newspaper 'Kölnische Volkszeitung' German aero-sports, glider,Meurthe-Cup,French Aerbatics Cup,Aero Grand Prix France,Italian Air Ralley, Air Race London-Melbourne, Oasis ralley Egypt,Gordon-Bennet-Cup
Information on 1934 air events
German Germany newspaper 'Kasseler Sonntagsblatt' Carius, Heini Dittmar, Fledermaus, Germany, Glider, Günther Grönhoff, Dr. Küttner, Loerzer, Rhön Mountain, Musterle, Pernthaler, Siegfried Holzbauer, Utech, Wiegmeyer, Windspiel
Information on the15th Rhön Glider Championship
early August
German Germany German newspaper 'Kasseler Sonntagsblatt' Groß Felda, Klemm
security landing of a Klemm sportsplane in Groß Felda August 1934
early August
German Germany German newspaper 'Kasseler Sonntagsblatt' Heidelbach, Heinkel
The Heinkel sportsplane with the id 'D-ENUZ' had an emergency landing close to Heidelbach, due to engine failure. It was on its way from Kassel to Kitzingen.
October 26th
German Germany German newspaper 'Anhalter Anzeiger Dessau' Walter Blumenstein, glider pilot
The glider-pilot Walter Blumenstein of the city Bernburg close Dessau/Germany, made his 5 hours distance flight by glider and is now entitled for the gliding perfomance badge
German Germany Deutsche Luftwacht - Ausgabe Luftwelt Berlin - Reichs-Sportfliegerschulen
The German Sports-Leader of the German Reich established in the year 1936 the following sport pilots schools in Germany,
1. R.Fl.S. Rangsdorf, Rangsdorf, Area Teltow (Telephon Rangsdorf 365 - 368)
2. R.Fl.S. Bilefeld, Bielefeld-Windelsbleiche (Telephon Bilefeld 1844),
3. R.Fl.S. Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe/B., Flughafen (Telephon Karlsruhe 8336)
4. R.Fl.S. Hamburg-Altona, Altona-Gr.Flottbek, Flugplatz, Möllnerstr. 21 (Telephon Hamburg 493890)
5. R.Fl.S. Chemnitz Chemnitz, Stollberger Str. 100 (Telephon Chemnitz 34233)
6. R.Fl.S. Bonn, Bonn-Hangalar/ Siegkreis (Telefon Bonn 4590 - traffic control)
German Germany unidentified German booklet of the NSDAP (missing title) Germany
The German airlines got important for the whole world. The amount of transported passangers trippled since 1932 to 326.000 passengers and the airnet grew continuesly. The airmail net alone grew within the five years of Nazinalsocialistic government from 31.000 km to 62.000 km. The distance, German airplanes flew per year, changed from 9 million km to 18 million km.
day not given
German Germany unidentified German newspaper Giebelstadt, Luftwaffe, Uffenheim, Winterhilfswerk
The German airforce 'Luftwaffe' comany of Giebelstadt had yesterday a carnival. event in the city hall of Uffenheim for the benefit of the German winter-aid organisation 'Winterhilfswerk'. Many village people of Uffenheim followed the invitation and danced until the early morning.
German Germany German schoolbook on mathematics German airlines
Comparison of the transportation capaticity of German airlines 1932 and 1936
Mai, 4th
English Germany German press photo Messerschmitt, Fritz Wendel
original press text: German Aviator sets speed record
Augsburg, Germany - Pilot Wendel, 24 years old, shown in the one-seater pursuit plane in which he recently set a speed record of 755,11 kilometer per hours. The performance surpasses that of Capt. Dieterle, who flew 746.66 kilometer per hour in a Henkel one-seater pursuit plane. - 5-4-39